Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My First Post

Why is March sooooo busy? My to do list is as bad as Christmas time!
This week, so far, we had a snow day, then a spaghetti dinner and talent show, and tonight a great service at church.

Anyway, I recently participated in my first swap with other crafter moms. We each did a quietbook page and we are starting to get them in the mail (I am mailing mine out in the morning). Then I embroidered shirts for my church and am working on some more for another church's youth choir. But tonight I decided to work on something else: Fabric Paper Dolls. has these panels and yardages of the adorable "paper"dolls. So these are some of them that I have ironed to a heavier interfacing and will now start cutting out!
On the list tomorrow:
  1. Doctor's appointment for my husband
  2. 1/2 day of school for my son
  3. embroidering some more shirts
  4. cleaning party at church
I know there is more but will see what all gets done!

God bless!

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  1. It will all get done my friend. I like your blog. I think Ill join it. Don't worry and try to take a nap.