Sunday, March 11, 2012

Soft and Cuddly????

Who would have ever thought of chickens as "soft and cuddly"? My 3 year old that's who!

This is Evelyn and her pet chicken. The chickens both allow the kids to pick them up and cuddle and carry them around. Evelyn named this one cock-a-doodle-do and she keeps telling me that she is so soft and cuddly.  Evelyn enjoys collecting the eggs which right now she gets to do everyday. Both of our chickens lay an egg a day! Anytime someone goes outside she tells them to check for eggs!

Jayson and the other hen Rocky. I just can't believe that they let the kids pick them up!

So, we have what I'll call a small "farm."  Well, we have 2 chickens and a goat but we are always adding.  We have a small garden in the summer, last year I was able to can tomato juice. We have ordered 3 apple trees to add to the 1 we have (our other one died a couple of years ago), as well as 2 almond trees. On our farm we compost, well we are learning to compost and Jayson has a "worm farm" and both kids love to gather worms and add to it and one day will get the worm poop out to add to the compost! 

I can't wait to get growing this year!

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